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Product Information

Please browse our product categories using the menu on the left. Please not that it is impossible to list our full catalogue on line. If the item you require is not listed please contact us and describe your requirements.

NC1 - Remote call lead 3m, with right angled jack plug

NC3 - Magnetic reset key (packet of  5)

NC14 - Spare right angle jack (packet of  5)

NC16 - Replacement red triangles for ceiling pullcords (packet of  10)

NC12 - Spare round red remote call button

FA5- Fire alarm break glass test key, length 51mm (packet of 5),

FA1- Fire alarm break glass, spare glass 76mm x 40mm (packet of 5)

EL2 - Emergency light replacement 6 Watt tube (packet of  5)

Heracles E.E.S. Ltd
tel: +44 (0)1257 483733   fax: +44 (0)1257 483732